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Daiwa Emeraldas Light RV18 Squid Jig Colour #2 Hologram Real Iwashi

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Shallow water squid require a subtle approach and the new Daiwa Emeraldas Light series is the ideal jig for nervous shallow water eging.

Designed for a finesse presentation the EM Light RV includes for the first time a rattle in such a small jig, when flicked the small light rattles create a sound irresistible to squid.  It’s stable design and perfect keel alignment eliminate any chance of the lure twisting or “blowing out” allowing it to glide and dart with a simple flick of the rod tip.

Built to extremely high Japanese standards the EM RV Light features ultra realistic colour patterns, 3D eyes and an ultra sharp bump hook. But one of its best features is the clip point for our Agorig sinker, normally this jig will sink 1 metre every 3.5 seconds, but with the Agorig sinker it allows the jig to be fished at depths never before available from any other small jig.

All models feature a glow section on the tail and the Keimura-Yako Kin, Keimura-Mureaji and Keimura-Yako Orange colours feature a luminous back that can be charged with a torch to make it glow in the dark or in deep water.


  • 1.8 Size
  • sink rate 1m per 3.5 seconds
  • Ultra realistic 3D eyes
  • Stable and sharp darting action
  • Ultra sharp bump hook
  • Clip point on the keel for the Agorig sinker system
  • Recycled Tin keel (no lead used)
  • Real face and mesh body coating
  • Internal rattle system

Emeraldas Light RV18
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