Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia Salty Stage Jig 100g Green

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The NEW Salty Stage Skid Jig was inspired by a squid's darting and acttacking action. This innovative motion is achieved by the keel shape on the bottom of the jig.
It is a completely new style of jigging. While the typical metal jig catches fish after it touches the bottom or during retrieve.The Skid Jig is designed to catch fish even when it is falling by its 'switch back' action immitating squid attacking bait fish. It also, mimicks a squid skidding from side to side when its in distress and the skidding motion, creates lots of flashes in the water. 
The Skid Jig can be jigged vertically or horizontally to create that 'switch back' action, that has been tested and proven to outfish other jigs.