Atomic Semi-Hardz Hardbody Lure - Minnow 40

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The Atomic Semi-Hardz Minnow is a uniquely styled lure which comes in an array of sizes. All lengths are designed to sink horizontally with a slight side to side wobble on the drop to attract predatory fish. The lure was originally available in sizes 40 and 55mm and had taken bream all the way to snapper offshore. The range has been extended to include a larger size range up to 100mm which will be perfect for offshore species such as snapper, but also GTs and impoundment barra. This lure can be cast and allowed to seductively sink and worked erratically with some quick whips of the rod making it dart about like a dying baitfish or wound fast across the surface. The lure is built extra tough with a heavy duty wire running through the lure, ensuring you stay connected with your prey, while the life-like feel of the Semi-Hardz will keep fish coming back again and again.