Axis Waist Belt 100N Inflatable

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This manual inflatable jacket is a compacted vest to be worn around the waist for easy movement whilst boating or fishing. This is ideal for maximum freedom and ability to do what you need to do without and restrictions or constrictions.

To operate - simply pull jacket out of bag, place over head, secure the jacket and inflate with the manual pull cord.


  • Designed to suit most average sized Adults
  • Manual inflation - UML mini manual inflation system
  • 25 gram gas cylinder
  • Oral back up inflation tube
  • 100 Newtons of buoyancy
  • Ultra lightweight for ease of wear
  • Reflective tape & whistle with lanyard included
  • Australian standard approved AS4758.1

    Please note - this jacket is only classed as a PFD when wearing it over the head - not when it is still in the waist belt pouch.