Berkley Squiddo Jigs

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The Berkley Squiddo's torpedo-shaped body improves the sink rate, making it perfect for  a range of situations. It also features a squid-shaped head, pulsing silicone skirts, life-like 3D eyes, and UV properties.
Berkley Squiddo Slow Jig Features:
  • Next generation slow jig technology
  • Torpedo shape improves sink rate for deep water applications
  • Heavy-duty double-assist hooks for hooking power
  • Pulsing silicone skirts
  • Lifelike 3D eyes complete with UV accents for extra appeal in deep water
  • Add the scent and flavour of Berkley Gulp via an Owner Centering-Pin spring
  • Replaceable skirts and assist rigs
  • Easy jigging action