Black Magic Ready To Troll Skirt - Lumo Prowler

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    • A favourite of Capt. Rick Pollock, it hangs in well anywhere in the lure pattern and appeal to a wide range of species including blue and striped marlin, shortbill spearfish and big tuna.
    • Comes Rigged with an 11/0 shackle rig and 400lb Tough Trace


    head length: 3.3 inches (85mm) When rigged
    lure length: 14.5 inches (370mm) hooks: 1 or 2 X 11/0
    skirt: 14.5 inches trace: 400lb
    Face Shape Recommended Trolling Speed Position in Spread Swimming Action
    Cup face 7 - 10 knots Left or right rigger The perfect large pusher, big smoke trail, straight running which makes this an easy target for bill fish