Coleman Vanquish 250 Head Lamp Torch

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With 250 lumens, 3 hour run time and a 50 metre range on high, the Vanquish™ 250 Headlamp also features Adaptix™ and Kinesix™ Technologies. The Adaptix™ adaptive lighting technology adapts the beam to your movments. The no-touch Kinesix™ control offers a convenient hands-free method to interface with a headlamp while running, cycling or even standing. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor to cycle through light modes.

• Rugged exterior provides a strong impact resistant headlamp with comfortable grip
• All models include Battery Lock function to help stop battery drain and preserve battery life
• Adaptix™ and Kinesix™
• Comfort tension straps use soft fabric tensioners that are adjustable while wearing on head
• 250 lumens, 3hr runtime and 50M range on high