Daiwa Presso Minnow 6F Lure - Colour Lazer Ayu DA-002

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  • Made In Japan
  • Floating
  • Discreet rattle system
  • Ultra sharp chemically sharpened trebles
  • Chip proof internal painting
  • 3D realistic eyes
  • Saqsas hooks

Type: Floating
Length: 60mm
Weight: 3.2g
Depth: 1m

Handmade in Japan to the highest standards, the Daiwa Presso lures feature 3D realistic eyes, ultra sharp chemically sharpened trebles and are painted internally with chip proof paint for an incredible lifelike finish

The huge range of colours is representative of the variety of fish that can be targeted. For trout anglers there’s an excellent colour selection of traditional colors like rainbow, iwama and yamame but also some popular new designs like midnight trout and brown iwashi will tempt even the fussiest brown trout. The Daiwa Presso is ideal for twitching and ripping along lake margins for cruising trout and equally superb as a fast water river or stream lure.

This silent lure with non  aggressive action is ideal as a finesse bait for very timid black bream in the southern states where natural colours and minimal vibration are the key to success.  There’s a great range of clear water models  like purple suji prawn, creeping iwashi, sushi prawn and even rainbow!

For general bream angling the Presso can be used as a finesse bait or jerkbait, depending on the fish’s mood of the day. There’s a great range of colours that suit all water and weather conditions like brown suji prawn, laser ayu and ghost wakasagi. For dirty water or stained tannin water is hard to go past the colorus like brown iwashi or black/gold.

At 3.2g and mimicking a small baitfish, the Presso Minnow 6F is 60mm long, has a slender profile with a tight wobble and dives to a handy 1m depth.

The tail weighted lure casts extremely well, and can be twitched, slow rolled or ripped erratically. When paused, the Presso Minnow 6F has a slow floating presentation, and is versatile and deadly on bream, bass and trout.