Duel Hardcore Deep Crank 60F

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The Duel Hardcore Deep Crank 60F is the perfect freshwater lure for throwing at timber and snags in freshwater conditions. From creeks and streams to rivers and dams this is a great all round lure.

The New Magnet Weight Transfer System allows anglers to cast further and more accurately than ever before. All NMWTS lures have internal weighted balls that move to the rear of the lure when cast. Upon the retrieve, the balls lock into place on a magnet towards the front of the lure. NMWTS is a new and unprecedented system which incorporates the latest technology to give a lure stability and better life-like action.

The depth range on these lures can and will go past 3.5m perfect for getting down to where the fish live. Being an floating lure, if you bust of the lure will slowly rise back to the surface without any drama.

Deadly on Cod, Callop, Barramundi, and an entire range of Native and freshwater predatory species.

Comes in a range of 6 different colours, so there is the perfect colour for every situation.