Kershaw 6 Inch Folding Fillet Knife 1256X

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If you like to have all the gear but want to save on space then this compact Folding Fillet knife from Kershaw is a must have item.

The knife's 6-in. blade folds into its handle and stores neatly. The blade is made of Japanese 420J2 stainless steel with the perfect amount of contoured edge for a sharp clean cut everytime . The softer more flexible steel enables the blade to bend without breaking so that it moves easily through the body of the fish to give you the ideal fillet. Being Stainless steel it is also corrosion resistant which is what you want around the water.

The handle is an soft ergonomic design that fits nicely into the hand giving you a good grip so it doesn't slip.  While in use, the blade is locked open for safe and secure filleting, but releases easily when you’re ready thanks to the sturdy back lock. Comes with an pre drilled hole perfect to attach an lanyard to.