Shark Shaker

Shark Shaker

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HARK SHAKERTM is designed to break the link between a boat or diver and an irascible shark intent on taking the berley pot, diver’s catch bag or crab net attached by rope. If a shark takes hold, the rope may not break, resulting in a capsize and possible shark attack.

The SHARK SHAKERTM is the 'WEAK' LINK between you and the shark! The product comprises two components – a fish-shaped orange 'anchor' and a fish-shaped yellow "float".

If a shark attempts to take the bag or net, the yellow float simply snaps away from the orange anchor, preventing a capsize or personal injury to a diver. In the case of an accidental break or the shark releases the pot or net, the yellow float will quickly come to the surface for retrieval.

SHARK SHAKERTM is made from tough long-wearing polypropylene UV stabilised plastic and is 100% Australian designed and manufactured.

SHARK SHAKERTM, will be enormously popular with fishermen and divers – especially those who have already had an encounter with a shark.

Australia is the second most likely country after the United States to witness a shark attack. As the sharks traditional food sources are more aggressively fished, the contact between sharks and humans will increase.

Don't take the risk! SHARK SHAKERTM, a quality product that works. It might just save your life!!