Swivels Original Magmate Brag Mat

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What better way to ensure your mate doesn’t second-guess your story than to get proof on Swivel’s BRAGMATe. Grab your phone, lay your catch down and start snapping.
Great for your own personal records, as well as bragging to your friends on social media. Also ideal when measuring against state regulations (see Fish Measure).

BRAGMATe is made of thick, durable 19oz UV Vinyl, designed to withstand heat and saltwater without shrinking like most others on the market – and nobody likes shrinkage! Equipped with a solid 5cm end wedge, BRAGMATe allows you to measure hard up to the nose. At 140cm long, you’ll be pressed to out-measure it. With measurements every cm,

BRAGMATe also includes Fishing and Boating Tips, Illustrations of Knots, Diagrams of common Fish Species as well as Fun Fish Facts and Fish Jokes for the kids and those quiet fishing adventures.