Tairyo Air Speed Spinning Fishing Rod

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Designed to have great action, we wanted the Angler who fishes every chance they get,to pick up this rod up and know that they are getting a quality fishing rod. Air Speed rods are formulated with upgraded Power Flex construction blanks, delivering great feel. To reduce the weight, we added split rear handle. Put this rod in your hand, you will be happy that you did.


Air Speed rod features:

*IM7 Updated Power Flex blank construction

*Fuji Alconite guides

*Fuji Reel seat

*Split EVA handle

TAP661S Spin 6'6" 1-3kg 1
TNK692S Spin 6'6" 2-4kg 1
TAP662S-2 Spin 6'6" 2-4kg 2
TAP701S Spin 7'0" 1-3kg 1
TNP702S Spin 7'0" 2-4kg 1
TNP702S-2 Spin 7'0" 2-4kg 2
TAP704S Spin 7'0" 4-6kg 1
TAP704S-2 Spin 7'0" 4-6kg 2
TAP706S-2 Spin 7'0" 6-8kg 2
TAP602B Cast 6'0" 2-4kg 1
TAP604B Cast 6'0" 4-6kg 1
TAP606B Cast 6'0" 6-8kg 1