YoZuri EGI Aurie-Q "ACE" Squid Jig

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The Yo-Zuri Aurie-Q "ACE" squid jag has a little unique feature on the jag. The diamond shape on the back end of the jag towards the barb is the perfect spot to add an abalone shell. The abalone shell tape imitates an wounded baitfish or shrimp, tricking the squid in thinking it is an easy target.

It comes also with the standard Yo-Zuri features including the original trick hooks, Katana sinker, flashing round eyes and glow eye line. 

Comes in a range of cool colours, squid simply can't resist. Perfect for casting over weed beds and rock structures.

Two sizes: 3.0 (16 grams, approx 3.1 seconds per metre) 3.5- (20 grams, approx 3.1 seconds per metre)